Are you coping with the pace of change, reduced capacity and the need for alternative solutions?

Alcomi Limited is a consultancy practice made up of a team of highly experienced executive practitioners from across the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Its mission is to assist organisations anticipate and respond to financial, organisational and behavioural challenges.

We can test your appetite and readiness for collaborative working.  We then help you assess the implications of introducing alternative delivery models.  We also offer tailored support and advice that is both practical and locally relevant.

PPV FrameworkTM – Alcomi’s innovative approach was created to help you identify and assess collaborative opportunities across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Alcomi’s PPV FrameworkTM will:

  • Identify the governance, structures and systems changes needed to enable cross-sector collaboration.
  • Help identify partnerships that will reduce operating costs and offer future sustainability.

Alcomi’s Associates have the political insight, strategic know-how and the operational experience to help organisations deliver locally relevant outcomes.

Talk to us about how our PPV FrameworkTM can help your business or organisation, call us on 01442 872878 or email info@alcomi.co.uk

At Alcomi, we make the complex simple.